Capability approach, empowerment and participation :

Capability approach, empowerment and participation : concepts, methods and applications / [edited by] David Alexander Clark, Mario Biggeri, Alexandre Apsan Frediani. - 428 pages ; 22 cm. - Rethinking international development series ; 14501 .

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1. The Human Development and Capability Approach – The Role of Empowerment and Participation --
2. The Practice of Participation and the Capability Approach --
3. Power and Deliberative Participation in Sens Capability Approach --
4. Balancing Pessimism of the Intellect and Optimism of the Will: Some Reflections on the Capability Approach, Gender, Empowerment and Education --
5. Notions of Empowerment and Participation: Contributions from and to the Capability Approach --
6. Process and Outcomes: participation and empowerment in a multidimensional poverty framework --
7. Participatory Development: A Sustainable Approach for Reducing Inequality and Fighting Poverty? The Example of Disability Policies in Afghanistan --
8. Children and Youth Participation in Decision Making and Research Processes --
9. The Integrated Capabilities Framework: Exploring Multiculturalism and Human Well-Being in Participatory Settings --
10. Participatory Research Methods and the Capability Approach: Researching the Housing Dimensions of Squatter Upgrading Programmes in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil --
11. Participatory Monitoring of Development Projects in the South Pacific --
12. Planning and Managing for Human Development: What Contribution Can the Capability Approach Make? --
13. Emancipatory Research as Empowerment: An Illustration from a Research Study of Persons with Disabilities in Palestine --
14. Capability Development and Decentralisation --
15. Participation, Empowerment and Capabilities: Key Lessons and Future Challenges.

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Social participation--Sen, Amartya, 1933---Welfare economics

Poverty--Economic policy--Economic development

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