Tagore & Gandhi : walking alone, walking together /

Mukherjee, Rudrangshu

Tagore & Gandhi : walking alone, walking together / Tagore and Gandhi Rudrangshu Mukherjee - New Delhi Aleph Book Company 2021 - xxii, 186 p, 23 cm


The first in-depth study of the deep bond between Mahatma Gandhi and Gurudev Tagore by one of our greatest historians. Tagore and Gandhi were both born in the 1860s and, through their very different spheres of activity, became figures of global renown and shapers of modern India. They also shared a deep personal friendship which was robust enough to bear the strain of differences on many public issues through the 1920s and ’30s. Gandhi always addressed Tagore as Gurudev which, for Gandhi, was not an empty epithet. Gandhi sought Tagore’s blessings at every critical juncture of his Indian public career. Tagore openly acknowledged Gandhi as the greatest Indian of his time.


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