Profiles of social research : the scientific study of human interactions

Hunt M

Profiles of social research : the scientific study of human interactions - Bombay Popular prakashan 1989 - xxiii,337 p. 25 cm ; Hard Bound


Part I. Overview --
1. The world of social research --
Part II. Five case histories of social research --
2. The dilemma in the classroom: a cross-sectional survey measures the effects of segregated schooling --
3. Sampling social reality: a complex new survey measures the impact of the government's social programs on the American family --
4. One thing at a time: a series of laboratory experiments explores the antisocial tendency of people working in groups to secretly do less than their best --
5. The slowest, costliest, but best (and worst) of methods: two long-term studies, tracking nearly 800 people over many years, find that many of our beliefs about human aging are incorrect --
6. Twenty thousand volunteers: a massive real-world experiment tests a bold proposal to combat poverty by means of a guaranteed annual income.

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This splendid introduction to social research describes an area of scientific investigation that profoundly influences our daily lives and thoughts, but about which most of us know very little. We can picture a research chemist at work, white-coated and surrounded by beakers and test tubes—but what is the nature of social research? For interested general readers and particularly for students entering the various social science fields, Morton Hunt paints an immensely informative and accessible portrait. He begins with a lucid overview of the important varieties of social research, describing their advantages and limitations. Against this background, Hunt then details five remarkable case histories, eyewitness accounts of significant recent episodes in social research.

Social sciences--Research
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