Case study research: design and methods Vol.5

Yin, Robert K.

Case study research: design and methods Vol.5 - 3 - New Delhi Sage Publications 2003 - xvi,181p. 21 cm ; Pbk - Applied Social Research Methods Series .


Introduction. The case study as a research strategy ; Comparing case studies with other research strategies in the social sciences ; Different kinds of case studies, but a common definition ; Summary --
Designing case studies. General approach to designing case studies ; Criteria for judging the quality of research designs ; Case study designs ; Modest advice in selecting case study designs --
Conducting case studies : preparing for data collection. The case study investigator : desired skills ; Training and preparation for a specific case study ; The case study protocol ; Screening case study nominations ; The pilot case study ; Summary --
Conducting case studies : collecting the evidence. Six sources of evidence ; Three principles of data collection ; Summary --
Analyzing case study evidence. An analytic strategy : more than familiarity with analytic tools ; Specific analytic techniques ; Pressing for a high-quality analysis ; Summary --
Reporting case studies. Targeting case study reports ; Case study reports as part of larger, multimethod studies ; Illustrative structures for case study compositions ; Procedures in doing a case study report ; What makes an exemplary case study?

This new edition Case Study Research has been carefully revised, updated, and expanded while retaining virtually all of the features and coverage of the second edition. Robert K. Yin's comprehensive presentation covers all aspects of the case study method - from problem definition, design, and data collection to data analysis and composition and reporting. Yin also traces the uses and importance of case studies to a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, history, management, planning, social work, and education.


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Case method
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