Case study anthology

Yin, Robert K. Ed.

Case study anthology - New Delhi Sage Publications 2004 - xx,271 p. 25 cm ; Pbk


Theoretical Perspectives and Case Selection --
The Epidemic That Never Was: Policy Making and the Swine Flu Scare / Richard E. Neustadt and Harvey V. Fineberg --
Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis / Graham Allison and Philip Zelikow --
Middletown: A Study of Modern American Culture / Robert S. Lynd and Helen Merrell Lynd --
The Social Life of a Modern Community / W. Lloyd Warner and Paul S. Lunt --
Implementation: How Great Expectations in Washington Are Dashed in Oakland / Jeffrey L. Pressman and Aaron Wildavsky --
The Strength of Multiple Cases --
Korea: Winning with Microwaves / Ira Magaziner and Mark Patinkin --
The Rise of the Pentagon and U.S. State Building: The Defense Program as Industrial Policy / Gregory Hooks --
The Limits of Centralization / Martha Derthick --
Quantitative Evidence and "Embedded" Units of Analysis --
Implementing an Education Innovation / Neal Cross, Joseph B, Giacquinta, and Marilyn Bernstein --
Union Democracy: The Internal Politics of the International Typographical Union / Seymour Martin Lipset, Martin A. Trow, and James S. Coleman --
Testing the Basic Logic of the Chicago School Reform Act / Anthony S. Bryk, et al. More Illustrations of Case Study Evidence --
Winning at the Game: Intel and Silicon Valley Fever / Everett M. Rogers and Judith K. Larsen --
Civil Society and Crisis: Culture, Discourse, and the Rodney King Beating / Ronald N. Jacobs --
Working: Growth of High-Technology Culture / Everett M. Rogers and Judith K. Larsen --
Head Start: The Inside Story of America's Most Successful Educational Experiment / Edward Zigler and Susan Muenchow --
Analyses and Conclusions --
The Organization of a Methadone Program / Dorothy Nelkin --
Transformation in the New York City Police Department / George L. Kelling and Catherine M. Coles --
Communities Not Fazed: Why Military Base Closures May Not Be Catastrophic / Ted K. Bradshaw --
Lessons From Houston: Fighting to Save Our Urban Schools / Donald R. McAdams.

Robert Yin introduces the world of case study research through 19 carefully selected & edited works which represent classic case studies from the fields of sociology, political science, & related disciplines.


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