Don't flirt with rural marketing : the handbook of rural marketing

Rajan R V

Don't flirt with rural marketing : the handbook of rural marketing - Chennai Productivity & Quality Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2013 - xxv, 102p. 23 cm ; Pbk

Step 1: Commitment from the Top Management
Step 2: Setting Clear Objectives
Step 3: Choosing the Right Product to be promoted in Rural Markets
Step 4: Understanding the Mindset of the Rural Consumers
Step 5: Getting a Dedicated Task Force
Step 6: Ensuring Availability
Step 7: Choosing an Agency with Specific Skills In Rural Marketing
Step 8: Developing a Focused Communication Strategy
Step 9: Developing a Communication Delivery (Media) Strategy
Step 10: Below-the-Line (BTL) Activities or ?Experiential Marketing?-an Integral part of Rural Marketing
Step 11: AV Van (video on Wheels)-an Effective Medium
Step 12: Developing Fool Proof Implementation Plans
Step 13: Providing Adequate Funds for Rural Marketing in the Organisatioin?s Budget
Step 14: Evaluating the Results
Technology in Rural Marketing
Lessons to be learnt from Regional Brands
List of Select Books on Rural Marketing

The Fourteen step approach outline in the book will provide a practical guide even to seasoned marketers, and to those who are planning to go rural for the first time. These are the steps that every company should follow, especially if they want to build their branch in rural India.

Based on four decades of practical experience as a Rural Marketing specialist, the author attempts to share with the readers, he lessons that and his team at Anugrah Madison have learnt, over the years, in conceiving and implementing Rural Marketing initiatives for corporate clients.
Readers will find in the book the contact details of organizations and companieswhich provide a variety of support services to rural marketers-a first of its kind ready reckoner which will help them in planning and executing Rural Marketing initiatives.


Rural development
Marketing - India
Advertising - Marketing and public relations
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